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Current issues

Here is a short list of some of the issues that are pending resolution:

WordPress automatic updates – automatic updates from the Dashboard fail. Permissions were the original suspected cause of this problem, but research indicates that this might be related to the FTP server application. This will be tested by returning to the more robust Rumpus FTP server.

Advanced Category Excluder – this plugin is apparently not compatible with WordPress 3.1. Incompatibility with PHP 5 is suspected. The plugin author has not updated the code. So alternatives are being investigated to work around the issue.

Theme incompatibilities – some WordPress themes, generally the older ones, do not work well under WordPress 3.1/PHP 5. If these themes cannot be updated  with fixes, then suitable alternatives will be installed.

System and network changes – update

All client web sites were migrated from the former network and hardware onto new networks and hardware.

Some web sites which used old WordPress themes were difficult to move thoroughly. Some themes and plugins were incompatible with the new versions of WordPress, PHP and MySQL. Work will continue on these few sites to restore them to full functionality. Fortunately, the issues did not impair important functions of the web sites.

Additional work will continue to fine tune client web sites as well as to update auxiliary services, such as analytics, WebDAV, FTP and the like.

WordPress releases Thelonius (WordPress 3.0)

TAPACOM clients currently on the WordPress system should begin upgrading their websites with the latest version, called Thelonius. The latest incarnation of WordPress includes many new features that will increase the functionality of your web sites.

Those clients who are familiar with the upgrade process may perform the upgrade themselves. Download the files from the link at the bottom of this message and install via FTP (file transfer protocol). You will not be able to do the upgrade through the Dashboard. As usual, make sure you have backed up your files and test all functions after the upgrade.

Those clients who are not familiar with the process may schedule time when I will do the upgrade for you. Call me at 808-550-8554 or send me email at: http://www.tapacom.net/contact/

WordPress 3.0 is the thirteenth major release of WordPress and the culmination of half a year of work by 218 contributors, is now available for download.

New features in this release include a new default theme called Twenty Ten. Developers have new APIs that allow easy implementation of custom backgrounds, headers, shortlinks, menus (no more file editing), post types, and taxonomies. The Twenty Ten theme uses all these new features.

Developers and network administrators will appreciate the long-awaited merge of MU and WordPress, creating the new multi-site functionality which makes it possible to run one blog or ten million from the same installation. You will love the new lighter interface, the contextual help on every screen, the 1,217 bug fixes and feature enhancements, bulk updates so you can upgrade 15 plugins at once with a single click

Thelonius (WordPress 3.0) information and download:


Security advisory for WordPress and other PHP sites

Web site owners using the WordPress system should upgrade to version 2.6.2 immediately. This important security release adds protection against a SQL Column Truncation hazard and other security issues.

The security risk affects all PHP applications, WordPress included. Particularly vulnerable are those websites allowing open registration. More details about this issue at http://wordpress.org/development/2008/09/wordpress-262/

If you have questions about this advisory please contact me right away. Use the contact form here.