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TAPACOM system and network status

Network Service Degradation

Important: This issue does not affect the majority of TAPACOM clients.

TAPACOM’s network carrier Hawaiian Telcom has reported connectivity issues from last week Thursday morning, December 1st.

The effect of this has been the loss of data packets which affect the ability of visitors to reach client web pages and other services. Up until now these connectivity losses are only momentary, however throughput has been slower than normal. Luckily, there have been no sustained losses of connectivity.

An engineer has reported that repairs were made to an undersea cable in East Oahu this morning. He said the damaged cable was in poor condition.

While connectivity is presently better than it has been it appears that Hawaiian Telcom is not yet complete repairing their damaged cable.

Network outage

Early today a truck hit a utility pole providing network services to the building. Hawaiian Electric and Time Warner Telecom had to take network services offline in order to replace the damaged pole. Nearly all of the TAPACOM services were unavailable during this time. The domain name servers, list mail and database services remained online. All systems have been restored since about 1:00 p.m. today (Hawaiian Time).

Current issues

Here is a short list of some of the issues that are pending resolution:

WordPress automatic updates – automatic updates from the Dashboard fail. Permissions were the original suspected cause of this problem, but research indicates that this might be related to the FTP server application. This will be tested by returning to the more robust Rumpus FTP server.

Advanced Category Excluder – this plugin is apparently not compatible with WordPress 3.1. Incompatibility with PHP 5 is suspected. The plugin author has not updated the code. So alternatives are being investigated to work around the issue.

Theme incompatibilities – some WordPress themes, generally the older ones, do not work well under WordPress 3.1/PHP 5. If these themes cannot be updated  with fixes, then suitable alternatives will be installed.

System and network changes – update

All client web sites were migrated from the former network and hardware onto new networks and hardware.

Some web sites which used old WordPress themes were difficult to move thoroughly. Some themes and plugins were incompatible with the new versions of WordPress, PHP and MySQL. Work will continue on these few sites to restore them to full functionality. Fortunately, the issues did not impair important functions of the web sites.

Additional work will continue to fine tune client web sites as well as to update auxiliary services, such as analytics, WebDAV, FTP and the like.